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Critics comments

Indian Express - Chennai city.

      Chennai city has not seen a show like his. For K. Janakiraman it has been a long, lonely trek in the world of art. He paints with great emotional energy and inventiveness, producing giant canvases in which his imagination roams through a surreal world filled with strange extraterrestrial forms that look as though they have escaped from a dissection chamber or the x-files without instructions on how to put the diffrent bits and pieces together, and also small realistic portraits of the Indian countryside.

Indian Express - Bangalore city.

      ........ At first the abstract paintings seems like an isolated experiment till one realises the involvement of the artist in his work. The paintings are reflection of the subconscious with fantastic imagery, sometimes irrationally juxtaposed. These surrealistic works depict certain technical features. The paintings are generally huge and colourful and are not meant to convey any message. They are decorative especially where the artist has succeeded in producing a three-dimensional effect with the use of impasto, giving the impression of embossing. The present series of paintings, meant to introduce Janakiraman to diffrent parts of the country, is sure to propagete the technical skill and versatility of the artist......."

The Gulf Indian Weekly-97

      "..........the series of exhibitions he held in Chennai and other places had brought him much acclaim and confidence that the artist, free of any school of thought with clear understanding of the potential, of his work says that his creations deserve to be considered as an aesthetic wealth of the nation.

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No.5 Veeramamunivar Street, Colas Nagar, Pondicherry-605001, INDIA.
Phone: (91-413) 358747

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